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8 Reasons To Hire a Caterer

There are many reasons to have a caterer at your event. Caterers aren’t just for weddings, but also corporate gatherings, BBQs, and even smaller dinner parties. A caterer can make all the difference at any gathering or event, so here are eight reasons why you should consider a caterer for your next party.

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1. Time saver

Having a caterer at your event saves you the time and stress of preparing meals for your guests. Cooking can take hours, especially when you have lots of guests attending your event. Spend less time in the kitchen and more time planning your event when you hire a caterer.

2. Attention to detail

Caterers have the ability to make food look as beautiful and delicious as the food magazines and ads you see on T.V. When you’re planning a special event, you may not have the time to make your food and beverages look completely stunning. When you invite a caterer to help with your event, you can have beautiful food at your party, as well as all the additional tools you need, including silverware, plates, bowls, and napkins. You may accidentally forget something, but a caterer won’t.

3. Food safety

Food safety can be a serious thing, especially in the event of food allergies. Caterers are trained, licensed and certified in food safety, so you can be sure your guests are eating healthy and you’re not violating any health codes.

4. Less planning and pressure

The more things to do on your list, the more pressure you’re under. Instead of stressing over which wine pairs best with your dessert menu, leave this up to the professionals. Caterers prepare perfectly arranged menus that are sure to please the palates of your guests, so you can focus on making memories instead of menus.

5. Enough food

It can be difficult to be sure you have enough food for all of your guests, and it can also be difficult to be sure you won’t have leftovers for weeks. Instead of trying to prepare the perfect amount of food for your party, leave this to the caterer. When you provide a guest number estimate, your caterer will come prepared with a carefully created amount of food and drink that will be just right for your event.

6. Guests are served

Caterers can help you make more memories at your event. Instead of running from table to table to collect empty dishes or refill glasses, a caterer can take care of your guests while you enjoy the company of your party-goers.

7. No cleanup

Parties are all fun and games until the event is over and you’re left with a huge mess. Or, at least that’s the way things are without a caterer. No more sink full of dishes or Tupperware containers galore. Instead, enjoy a satisfyingly clean kitchen and a relaxing evening post-party.

8. Customized

When you are planning your party, you may envision the perfect spread of delicious food, but you may not have the gourmet cooking skills or the time to create it. With a caterer, you can have customized dishes perfect for any event you’re hosting.

If you’re considering a caterer for your next event, look no further than Butterfields New American Cuisine. We have an extensive catering menu containing everything from brunch catering, to Sweet 16 catering, to cocktail party catering, and more. You can have your event in our dining hall or we can come to you. To get in touch with us and start planning your event, simply give us a call at 631-851-1507.

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