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Celebrate Ladies Night Out with Happy Hour!

Are you ready for a night out with the ladies? Life can be exhausting, especially when you add in the hours spent working all week and taking care of your loved ones. And if you happen to have children or be married, then you’ll already know how little time to yourself you can end up with at the end of the day. That’s why it’s so important to take some time off! Tell your family that you love them and you’ll be home soon, but for one evening, you’re going out with your friends and enjoying some well-earned time off.

Ladies Night Out
Keep it Simple

The number one rule of ladies night? Don’t make it complicated. Don’t obsess over where to go or what you should wear. Instead, meet somewhere easy to reach and wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy. You want to enjoy your time out, not find yourself even more stressed than you were before heading out the door. It can be tempting to make grandiose plans to really “make the most” of your seldom nights off, but the reality is that keeping it simple is often the most enjoyable option at your disposal.

Choose Happy Hour

The second rule of ladies night is arguably the most important – take advantage of happy hour! You want to have fun with your friends, not spend a fortune on drinks. Pick a destination with great happy hour deals and make a night of it. Visiting a space with great food is also smart. Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious appetizer or dinner with their beverages? Just make sure it’s a restaurant with plenty of variety to keep everyone in your group happy.

At Butterfields, we think you deserve a fun and affordable night out with the girls. That’s why we offer happy hour specials Monday through Friday from 12pm to 7pm. You can sneak in right after work if you want and grab a good meal while you’re at it. Come visit us at 661 Old Willets Path in Hauppauge or call ahead at 631-851-1507.

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