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Beer Belongs in Your Glass and Your Food!

Beer lovers may enjoy a tall, cold glass of an IPA or ale, but why limit the hoppy, bubbly taste of beer to your beverages? Beer belongs in food just as much as it belongs in your glass, as it can compliment and bring out delicious flavors in your favorite dishes. For example, mixing beer and cake batter can create a bitter, floral baked good with complex and tender flavors. But a beer cake isn’t the only food that can be taken to the next level with a can or bottle of beer.

Suffolk County Bar Restaurant

Beer pairs well with chicken, cheeses, batters, and sweets as well. You may have heard of beer can chicken, which you might have witnessed at a backyard barbecue. Or maybe you have tasted the delicious blend of lager beer and Gouda or Swiss cheese in a gooey and melty dip. Even blending beer and cheese for loaded potato skins, burgers, or a party plate can please your tastebuds.

Beer battered anything is a delectable treat, thanks to the frothiness of beer and the crispiness of fried foods. At Butterfields New American Cuisine restaurant, you can taste the mouthwatering flavors of our beer battered onion rings, which are a fantastic side for our selection of juicy burgers or tasty sandwiches. We also have beer battered shrimp, served with a complimenting cocktail sauce that can excite your palate. And, of course, you can wash down your meal with a delicious beer from our bar.

Clearly, beer belongs in both your glass and your food, so come enjoy these delicious flavors at Butterfields! We’re located in Hauppauge, New York, at 661 Old Willets Path, and would love for you to join us for lunch or dinner.

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