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October 24th – National Food Day! Celebrate at Butterfields!

National Food Day is a holiday we can all get behind. This wonderfully delicious day is observed annually on October 24. One of the main purposes of National Food Day is to actually promote “real eating.” In other words, National Food Day is celebrated to encourage people to cut back on sugar drinks, overly salted packaged foods, and fatty, factory-farmed meats. long island catering Instead of eating these unhealthy foods, National Food Day promotes consumption of delicious and healthy vegetables, fruits, whole grains and sustainably raised protein. If you’re interested in knowing how you can celebrate National Food Day, just keep on reading.

If you want to know how you can eat healthy, while still treating yourself to a delicious and mouth-watering meal, Butterfields New American Cuisine has you covered. We here at Butterfields serve only the best to our diners. Our foods are fresh and made by top quality chefs. Our menu is open daily for lunch, dinner and happy hour. We serve everything from appetizers, to burgers, to entrees, to portions of pasta, to salads, to sandwiches, to soups. li live bands The options you can dine from at Butterfield New American Cuisine are extensive. You have plenty of healthy and luxurious meals to chose from when celebrating National Food Day at our restaurant.

This October 24, celebrate National Food Day at Butterfields New American Cuisine. We will be open from 11:30 am to midnight, serving outstanding options from our lunch and dinner menus. To find us, pay us a visit at 661 Old Willets Path in Hauppauge, New York. You can simply stop by our restaurant, or you may choose to make a reservation by calling 631-851-1507. We look forward to celebrating National Food Day with you this October 24. See you then!

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