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What Makes American Cuisine American?

Looking for a delicious dining experience in the Long Island area? Here at Butterfields, we take extreme pride in being one of Long Island’s best new American continental cuisine restaurants. A lot of our customers has asked us, “What makes American Cuisine American?” so we’ve decided to take the time to explain just that!

suffolk county american cuisine restaurant

At its core, American cuisine is made up of a variety of cultures. Each has made its own way into the food we know and love today, but it wasn’t always as easy as marrying flavor profiles. Early on, displaced ethnic groups who find themselves here in America were forced to find ways to use less than perfect ingredients to create recipes that were not only appealing to the palette but filling. Limited food had to be able to feed lots of hungry mouths and provide as much proper nourishment as possible. The dishes we know and love today have extreme influence from French, Swedish, Scottish, Irish, German, West African, and Dutch natives making their way and trying to flourish in a new, growing country. There is also a deep influence rooted in Native American traditions of hunting wild game and foraging for nuts, berries, and roots that influence many of the foods and flavors we still consume today.

We pride ourselves on embracing what makes American cuisine just that. We’ve evolved our dishes to provide a more modern dining experience than our ancestors were akin to, without sacrificing the novelty of it all. Our community and staff are our family, and we would love to provide you and yours with a unique dining experience right where in Long Island. We offer a fresh lunch and dinner menu six days a week, catering services, live music, happy hour specials, and can provide a catering hall for all your special events as well!

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